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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ron Gardenhire's a Longhorn?

WTF? I had no idea. From ESPN.com's story on tonight's glorious rebirth:

"Twins manager Ron Gardenhire, a former Texas Longhorn player like Clemens, said it will be 'fun' to see him back on the mound and said his work ethic has allowed him to continue to excel at 43.

But don't think Gardenhire will be rooting for the fellow Longhorn.

'Hopefully he'll have the ends of his horns chopped up a little bit down here,' he said."

No wonder I didn't know Gardenhire was a 'Horn. He's not. No self-respecting Longhorn would ever make a "saw 'em off" joke.

Anyone think there's any way Clemens could bean the manager for this transgression? Go to hell, Ron Gardenhire.


Blogger Ted Bosquez said...

String him up!

Thu Jun 22, 04:33:00 PM  

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