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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Rocket Tidbits

The amazing factoids are endless, but here's just a handful:

- Roger has made 22 starts this season, and 20 of those starts have been quality starts. Of the 2 non-quality starts, one was 5 shutout innings in Chicago against the Cubs.

- Roger has allowed more than 2 earned runs exactly twice this season - 3 against the Cubs on April 29 and 4 against the Cards on June 5.

- Roger has allowed 6 home runs in 149 innings, or approximately one every 25 innings pitched.

- The Astros' offense has scored 3 runs or fewer in 13 of Rocket's 22 starts.

- LH batters are hitting .189 against Roger, while RH batters are hitting .187.

- The earned run that the Snakes scratched off of Roger last night the 3rd that Roger's allowed in 66 road innings (that's a 0.41 ERA).

- Roger can't possibly duplicate his 1st half performance in the 2nd half, can he? His 1st half ERA was 1.48, and his 2nd half ERA after 4 starts is 1.33.

- My favorite stat: Hitters working Roger to a 3-0 count are hitting .182 in those at-bats. That is beyond my comprehension.


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