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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Stoudamire Takes His Hustle and Flow to the Grizz

The Chronicle reports that Damon Stoudamire, who was allegedly topping the Rockets' guard wish list this offseason, has agreed to terms with Memphis:


Seems Mighty Mouse will sign a deal for four years and $17 million. With only the paltry $1.8 million exception in the Toyota Center coffers, it wasn't realistic for the Rockets to hope to land a player of Stoudamire's caliber. Further, it doesn't seem realistic to expect Latrell Sprewell or Gary Payton to play for the Rockets' "pennies." Spree is the guy who complained that his salary of $14 mil wasn't enough to feed his family, so I don't see him turning over a new leaf just for the sake of playing with Yao and T-Mac. The Glove, meanwhile, already played the "take a pay cut to play for a winner" game in L.A., and we all know how that went.

It should also be noted that neither GP nor Spree are known for their unselfish attitudes. With Yao and T-Mac, the Rockets just need a guy that will take care of the ball, hit the open man, and play good defense. As Scott speculated here the other day, Earl Watson would seem to be a fine candidate to fit that bill. But the only way he'll be a Rocket is via a sign-and-trade; such a move would push the Rockets over the cap, which is something they'll likely try to avoid at all costs. So who are the real candidates to run the show on La Branch next season at this point? Please don't say White Chocolate...


Blogger Scott said...

I'm no expert, but I would think that someone like Wesley or Spoon with his expiring contract would be an attractive swap for a guy like Watson.

I'm thrilled Mighty Mouse did not end up in H-Town. The next time he plays a significant role in a significant game will be the first.

Sat Jul 30, 10:08:00 PM  

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