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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

File Away for when Drayton Extends Bidge Through 2013...

If anyone has the email addresses of the minority owners of the Houston Astros, feel free to forward this article to them. Precedent is being set for minority owners who feel that their majority owner is acting against the best interests of their team in Atlanta, where Hawks' managing partner Steve Belkin is working to block the sign-and-trade for Joe Johnson.

Belkin's attorney says that his client believes that Boris Diaw, two number-one picks and the Hawks' $4.9 million trade exception "is just too much to pay for Joe Johnson." The minority owners are attempting to oust Belkin, saying that the Johnson trade "is critical to the future of the Atlanta Hawks" and allegedly comparing the pending trade to the Celtics' acquisition of Larry Bird. If I were a judge and such blasphemic remarks were made in my courtroom, someone would be held in contempt.

If the trade was to go through, the Hawks' depth chart would like something like:

PG: Lue, Delk, Ivey
SG: Johnson, Josh Childress, Salim Stoudamire
SF: Marvin Williams, Josh Smith, Donta Smith
PF: Al Harrington, Googs, James Thomas
C: Obinna Ekezie, Jason Collier

If this was an 18-under AAU league, the Hawks would be dangerous. Unfortunately, the hypothetical Hawks' fan (if one were to truly exist) is likely interested in winning games in the NBA. Acquiring Joe Johnson for said price and paying him $70 million over five years has to be a breach of some duty owed by these clowns to the city of Atlanta.


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