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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Baseball America: Best Tools

League managers actually voted on these, so there is some maybe more validity to these lists than those simply created by writers or wanna-be GMs. Here are the Houston prospects represented on the lists compiled by Baseball America:

No representatives for Round Rock

AA: In the Texas League (AA is split into 3 leagues)
Josh Anderson - fastest baserunner, best defensive outfielder
Fernando Nieve - best pitching prospect, best fastball
Jason Hirsh - best breaking ball

High A: In the Carolina League (High A is also split into 3 leagues)
Scott Robinson - best defensive 1st baseman

Low A: In the South Atlantic League (Low A is split into 2 leagues)
Hunter Pence - best hitting prospect, best power prospect
Ben Zobrist - best strike zone judgment
Troy Patton - best pitching prospect
Jimmy Barthmeier - best breaking ball
Tim Bogar - best managing prospect

Not bad. Note that Pence, Patton and Zobrist have all been promoted to High A Salem, and Nieve has been promoted to AAA Round Rock.


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