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Friday, August 11, 2006

Texans Prediction Time, Take Two

As usual, Scott has missed the boat with his predictions below about the Texans' upcoming season. Will they be markedly better? Absolutely. Are they going to win nine games? Not quite. Unlike Scott, I learn from my mistakes, and am determined to avoid the foolishness of overestimating the chances of Carr & Co. Thus, here's the answer key to the Texans 2006 schedule:

Week One: Eagles (W)
Week Two: At Colts (L)
Week Three: Redskins (L)
Week Four: Dolphins (L)
Week Five: BYE
Week Six: At Cokeboys (W)
Week Seven: Jags (W)
Week Eight: At Oilers (W)
Week Nine: At Giants (L)
Week Ten: At Jags (L)
Week Eleven: Bills (W)
Week Twelve: At Jets (W)
Week Thirteen: At Raiders (W)
Week Fourteen: Oilers (L)
Week Fifteen: At Patriots (L)
Week Sixteen: Colts (L)
Week Seventeen: Browns (W)

Therefore, I'm calling a franchise record eight wins. Within the division, I'm calling a split with the Oilers and Jags, but a continuation of the winless streak against the Colts. The Texans will not be true wild card contenders this year (in the AFC, that'll likely take at least ten, possibly eleven, wins), but I believe they will be competitive week in and week out. I do agree with Scott that DeMeco Ryans may well prove to be the steal of the entire draft, and I'm hoping that Charles Spencer and Eric Winston become regular contributors to the offensive line in short order.

Domanick Davis' nagging knee problems are a concern, but I'm drinking the Kubiak Kool-Aid on running backs until there's a reason not to do so. I expect big things out of Andre Johnson, Eric Moulds, and Jeb Putzier in the receiving game. I'm still not sure what I think Carr is going to do, but I'm cautiously optimistic that the combination of better coaching, a better blocking scheme, and more weapons on offense will see him look like a real QB for more than a couple of games this season. Defensively, the secondary is a HUGE liability; I think teams will throw at will against everyone but Dunta Robinson. But the pass rush should be markedly better, and I look for Anthony Weaver to have a Pro Bowl season as the chief beneficiary of Mario Williams' skills.

I am genuinely excited about the Kubes Regime; I love everything I see and hear from the guy. He's going to get it turned around, but don't start printing those playoff tickets just yet. We're likely one more year away.


Blogger Scott said...

QUOTE from Tim: "Unlike Scott, I learn from my mistakes, and am determined to avoid the foolishness of overestimating the chances of Carr & Co."

Waaaaiiiitttt a minute, Timmy Boy. You've learned nothing! Eight wins? That's your lesson learned predction? This has become your schtick - to stay just under my win-total, so that you can 'win' our head-to-heads. I'm fine with that...I'll be out on this long, spindly winning-season branch all by my lonesome if you need me.

I agree that Winston and Spencer will be factors on the O-Line as well, but unfortunately, that's more due to the fact that Zack Wiegert is guaranteed to miss at least half of the season and Todd Wade is now mowing lawns. A line of Wand, Pitts, McKinney, Flanagan, McKinney and Winston with Spencer, Weary and Wiegert backing them up looks pretty sweet to me. Not as sweet as Riley, Brown, Washington, Randall and Wade, with Herndon and Spears as backups, but what are you going to do, eh?

Fri Aug 11, 04:07:00 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Save your jokes about a six-man line with McKinney playing two slots. It's a typo.

Fri Aug 11, 04:09:00 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Good to see you corrected yourself about the OL before I could mock you for it. With regard to learning my lesson, I merely mean that I'm not calling playoff contention, unlike another wild-eyed contributor to this site. The Texans will be better, but not playoff contenders. As with most of your peyote-induced predictions, that branch you're on will be sawed off in short order.

Fri Aug 11, 05:03:00 PM  
Blogger FuckingBrian said...

As a student at Alabama I can promise you that DeMeco Ryans will become the heart and soul of our defense. Mario Williams will be the muscle but Ryans is a very intelligent, hardworking young man.

Fri Aug 11, 05:27:00 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

First off, that may be the greatest screen name these eyes have ever seen. The Houston media is already completely in love with Ryans, and I can see why. He comes across as ridiculously grounded, intelligent, and articulate. It doesn't hurt that he's OWNING the Texans practices these days. Word is that there's no way he's not starting at MLB when we open against the Eagles. I'm really looking forward to watching him tonight against the Chiefs.

Sat Aug 12, 01:39:00 PM  

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