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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

One Reign of Terror Is Over!

In a move that came about four months too late, Charley Casserly has apparently stepped down as general manager of the Houston Texans:


In a related story, Jabar Gaffney, Charles Hill, Benny Joppru, and Jason Babin all still suck. Thanks for the memories, Carlos.


Blogger Scott said...

Don't be such a hater. Jabar Gaffney is either an average #2 receiver or an above-average #3 receiver. Charles Hill...no comment. Benny Joppru's injuries can't possibly be blamed on Casserly. Casserly was instructed to do whatever it took to get Babin because Dumb Capers and his buddy Vic just KNEW he was going to be the next Kevin Greene.

Charley, thanks for your efforts getting this fine franchise off of the ground. I'm sorry that Bob McNair had was too busy trying to discover the next Seabiscuit to realize that you knew infinitely more about building a roster than Capers. It's illogical and unfortunate that football fans blame you for the misfortunes of others. Thanks for Andre Johnson, Dunta Robinson, Steve McKinney, Antwan Peek, DeShon Polk, Charlie Anderson, Chester Pitts, Domanick Davis, Kris Brown, Chad Stanley, Jerome Mathis, Charles Spencer, Erik Winston, Mario Williams, D'Amico Ryans and the Drew Henson pick, among other things.

Wed May 10, 03:45:00 PM  
Blogger Ted Bosquez said...

It's far too unfortunate that Mr. Casserly could not have been removed two or three years ago before he made sure that the Houston Texans would forever be linked to an array of terms like loser, heartbreaker, failure, embarrassment, and futility.

He was a dream come true and a hero to Dallas Cowboys' fans who have enjoyed watching the last few years as he choked the hope and life out of a franchise who entered onto the NFL scene with such promise.

I salute you, Mr. Casserly, for your fine work making the Houston Oilers playoff loss to the Buffalo Bills seem like the highpoint of Houston professional athletics.

On a side note, I think he is related to Gallo. As such, Gallo is trying to do to the Astros what Casserly has done to the Texans.

Life is good. All Hail the Tuna!

Wed May 10, 03:47:00 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Scott, the Casserly Fan Club is meeting under the Pierce Elevated. If you leave now, you can make the 5 p.m. meeting. Those foul-smelling, oddly dressed vagrants are merely there for the free fruit punch; don't be scared.

Wed May 10, 04:15:00 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Ted, enjoy your autumn watching Drew Bledsoe and Chris Palmer work their magic. Explosive doesn't begin to describe that arrangement. I hope they've got new lightbulbs in the scoreboard at Texas Stadium.

Tim, your flaming rhetoric affects me not. I continue to stand by my man. Long live CC!!!

Wed May 10, 04:57:00 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

I have to throw out some kudos to Scott for the "Chris Palmer has an explosive offense" blast. That's just good comedy. Anyone want to bet that Joey Pendry is calling the offensive shots in Big D by 2007?

Thu May 11, 09:19:00 AM  

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