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Friday, August 12, 2005

Come Early, Be Loud, Stay Late...and Turn Your Phone Off???

Both the rabidity of the Longhorn faithful and the trepidation with which the Burnt Orange considers its plentiful haters are beautifully illustrated in this wire story which would have been more appropriately printed in The Onion.

Associated Press

AUSTIN — Texas coach Mack Brown asked Longhorns fans to leave their cell phones at home after some fans used them to take pictures of injured wide receiver Jordan Shipley at practice.

Brown is worried the pictures could hit the Internet before the coaches have a chance to tell players' families about injuries.

"We cant have videos of practice and have people going home and putting it on the Internet," Brown said Thursday night.

Brown said he saw "way too many" fans getting shots of the injured player and warned practices might be closed to the public if the problems persists.

Unless there was blood profusely streaming from Shipley's head or one of his limbs was detached and lying ten yards away from his torso, I am not sure exactly what helpful info these dastardly photos would provide to future Longhorn opponents. If Mack really feels the need to have J. Jamail flex some legal muscle, he should pursue a restraining order preventing Adrian Peterson from entering the Dallas city limits rather than concerning himself with obsessive Exes proudly emailing pictures of Justin Blalock's tender groin to their buddies back home. Now if there were cameras on 6th Street after the game, that could pose a problem as well...


Blogger Neil said...

Mack explained that he didn't want a player's family to read about an injury online before the player had a chance to call home.

It has little or nothing to do with opponents.

What happens when a player gets hurt during a TV game?

Mack is not high on the internet for obvious reasons. It's his show. Ship should have pulled a Rod Tidwell just to fuck with msg board junkies.

Sat Aug 13, 12:11:00 AM  

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