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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Craig Biggio Declares, "I'm Italian"

Maybe I just need to step away from the Haterade, but Alex Rodriguez makes me want to puke. This crap about him "being Dominican" is just ridiculous. Alex "just wants to say it out loud." I've got something that I want to say out loud - "Shut the hell up!" A-Fraud's got the lockdown on the title of MLB Prima Donna at least for the next decade. I'd rather have a whole pitching staff of Kenny Rogers than a single A-Fraud on my roster. I'm no immigration law expert, but as far as I'm concerned, if you're born in Country A and raised in Country A without ever putting up residence in a second country, you're primarily a citizen of Country A. I understand enough about dual citizenship to get why he's also a citizen of the DR, but do we really need a press conference from this selfish assclown announcing his loyalties? Not to mention that in this case, Country A is the greatest country on Earth and a country that all of A-Fraud's alleged "countrymen" are dying to get to in order to live out their dreams.

I hope A-Fraud does play for the Dominican Republic, and I hope that the Big Unit puts a 99 mph heater in his earhole in the Championship Game. Then I fully expect to see Derek Jeter go into second base Ty Cobb-style to break up a double play, assuming A-Fraud's playing SS, which he likely won't since the true Pride of the DR, Miguel Tejada, will rightfully be on that team as well.

On a somewhat related note, I'd like to highly recommend the Baseball as America exhibit at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. There are simply tons of amazing pictures and exhibits, including a particularly moving photo gallery following the career of a young Miguel Tejada, many moons prior to his days as an AL MVP. A-Fraud would be well served by spending some time observing what a true national hero like Tejada has been through before he holds his next citizenship-announcing presser.

Note: Thanks to Smoochdog for the great A-Fraud pic posted above.


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