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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Notes Regarding Futility

- Guess who leads the Astros in at-bats with RISP and two outs: Adam Everett. In said situations, AE is hitting a crisp .228 with a .313 OBP. Lance Berkman leads the team with a .394 avg with RISP and two outs. The late Preston Wilson was second at .340. Who's next? Roy Oswalt (.333 - 4-12), Eric Bruntlett (.308) and Chris Burke (.276). Notables missing from the leaders: Aubrey Huff (.273), Craig Biggio (.244), Willy Taveras (.238), Mike Lamb (.205) and Morgan Ensberg (.205).

- Close and Late: Luke Scott (.600 OBP), Eric Bruntlett (.440), Chris Burke (.412) and Lance Berkman (.411). Lamb, Ensberg, Biggio, Lane, Huff, Taveras, Everett, Palmeiro and Ausmus ALL have OBPs of .315 or under in close and late situations. That's why I should have learned to turn off my TV from the eighth inning on. Rallies are impossible with these numbers. As a team, the Astros are hitting .225 with a .299 OBP and .343 SLG in close and late situations.


Blogger Mysteryhunt said...

if this were a normal season and every other wild card hopeful didnt stink too, we'd be so far out of the wildcard it wouldn't even be funny. garner is killing us by dreaming that these underachievers will somehow break the trends they have set this season.

Let's start Lane who hits worse that adam everett and then act all confused that we lost. fact is we need someone smart, i mean real smarts, like billy beane, not good old boy, this is how i managed milwakee smart at the helm of the ship. preferably someone like dierker who has has success at the major league level as a player and manager. this season should be about figuring out who needs to go and who needs to stay from now on. let those kids have their chances.

Wed Aug 16, 04:04:00 PM  

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