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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gettin' Some Head

Despite Kentucky Scott's prediction that the Rockets would trade away the 24th pick in the NBA Draft last night, the Toyota Center braintrust somehow ignored Scott's omnipotency and opted to select Luther Head out of Illinois.

By almost all accounts (the most notably absent being the moron over at FoxSports.com), it was a great pick-up by your 2006 NBA champions. Head is a tremendous defender, which is an absolute necessity on a JVG-coached team. Unless, of course, your name is Patrick Ewing, in which case you can be a huge stiff and travel all over the floor without repercussion. Further, the rook-to-be is a good shooter and has nice handles. He gives the Rockets flexibility at both guard spots. In fact, his relatively short frame (he's 6'3") probably mandates that he'll be more of a PG than SG.

While the hometown team still needs a banger inside (Stromile Swift perhaps?), I'd have to give the Rockets an "A" on their 2005 draft. Bottom line is that the team got better and younger, which is what the draft is supposed to be about. On a personal note, I'm absolutely giddy about the possibilities Luther's surname provides the Houston fanbase. The signs and headlines virtually write themselves.


Blogger Scott said...

Do you mean the same Stromile Swift whose rebounding and FG% numbers have dropped each of his 3 years in the league (5.7, 4.9, 4.6 and 48.1, 46.9 and 44.9%) and weighs about the same as Bob Sura? I'm so sick of this guy's name being bantered about. He's the posterboy for Dookie V's "All-Airport Team"...looks like a player until he steps on the court. This guy will likely sign a massive deal with some sucker team, and The Logo knows better, having drafted Hakim Warrick to provide the same if not better numbers for a fraction of the cost.

Here's my list of FA PF that CD should consider (aside from the obvious re-signing of Padgett):

Kwame Brown
Tyson Chandler
Sammy Dalembert
Reggie Evans
Udonis Haslem
Gerald Wallace

Chandler will be expensive (because he's actually put up numbers). Haslem may be expendable since the Heat drafted Simien. I think Kwame Brown is a guy whose stock has fallen such that he is a great value opportunity, and I see him as the #1 guy on my list.

Thu Jun 30, 01:48:00 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Chandler will get a max deal (or close to it), so he's out. Philly will overpay to keep Dalembert. The Wiz surprisingly tendered an offer to Kwame, thus giving them the right to match any offer. I think some team will look at him much the same way you do and pay him too much.

Haslem is the really intriguing possibility. Simien's arrival likely means he's expendable, so he could be a real find for the Rockets. I like him better than Stromile. I am officially on the "Sign Udonis" bandwagon.

Thu Jun 30, 01:58:00 PM  

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