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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nick Anderson Takes on David Carr

It’s just possible that when your local newspaper creates an electronic cartoon mocking your inability to avoid a pass rush or complete a pass that it is pretty likely that the local fans have turned on you and your days as a Houston Texan are numbered. Was it so long ago when he was drafted and Houston fans were excited about the promise of a bright future that David Carr would usher in?

I have to confess I was shocked to see some of the comments posted alongside this cartoon especially this one taking Carr hatred to a geopolitical level:

“If you ask me Carr is about as good at being a quarterback as Bush is at being a president. Carr's career and Bush's presidency are mirrors of each other....filled with mistakes, excuses, denial and both clearly incompetent. The U.S. had the chance to vote Bush out and the Texans could have drafted VY...but no.

The world would have been much better off without Bush and the Texans without Carr. Hey, maybe they are the same incapable person.”

I have to say that I feel sorry for David Carr. He has talent. He seems like a good guy. He treats his family and the City of Houston well (outside of Sundays). He has taken beating after beating and not bad-mouthed the organization or his teammates. Of course football is not about nice guys and family men, it’s about results. Right or wrong…supported with sufficient personnel or not…Carr is the QB and responsibility falls on his shoulders.
Time for a fresh start…and new cartoons…


Blogger Scott said...

Remind me again when it was that DC liberated millions of people from the wrath of a tyrant who repeatedly used chemical weapons to massacre them. Pro-Bush or Bush-Hater, Nick Anderson's piece today is disgraceful. Analogizing a quarterback's ability to play football to the leader of the free world's attempt to protect his citizens, be it the right decision or not, is beyond absurd - it's insulting. Sadly, it's about on par for the chronicle.

Thu Dec 21, 04:46:00 PM  
Blogger Ted Bosquez said...

Scott - In Anderson's defense, he did not compare DC to GWB - it was a random Houston fan on the blog message board - but your point on the Chronicle in general is well taken.

Fri Dec 22, 02:55:00 AM  

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