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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Longhorn Baseball Update

Drew Stubbs (OF, 1st Round, Cincinnati Reds) signed for a $2,000,000 and Kyle McCulloch (RHP, 1st Round, Chicago White Sox) signed for $1,050,000. Best of luck to these former Horns and the first beer is clearly on them. Further updates will be provided on Longhorn signings as they are reported.

Carson Kainer (OF, 14th Round, Cincinnati Reds) will return to the University of Texas for his senior season, but will require a kidney transplant to replace his one healthy kidney (he was born with chronic renal failure – an inability for his kidneys to clean toxins and waste products from his blood properly – and since childhood has only had one functioning kidney). It is being determined whether a family member could provide suitable kidney for transplant, but if a family member cannot be found, he will have his name placed on the national kidney transplant waiting list.

66,000 Americans are currently on the waiting list. Kidney transplant operations can cost on average $200,000. Best wishes to Carson and his family on a successful operation and speedy return to the field.


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